First wrinkles: Our tips for keeping your face smooth

The first wrinkles appear with a whisper! Signs will alert you to their arrival at the corners of your eyes, around your lovely smile or between your eyebrows.

To keep your face smooth, it is recommended that you choose your wrinkle cream with care. The first wrinkles are due to a lack of hydration in your face and a loss of elasticity in your skin, caused by the normal ageing process. Your facial treatment should therefore meet the specific needs of your skin, to slow the appearance of your first wrinkles.

Find out which cream is best at fighting wrinkles, depending on your age and skin type!

First wrinkles: at what age do they start?

What is the average age when the first signs of ageing start to become visible?

At what age do the first wrinkles appear? To answer this question, we need to consider the chosen type of lifestyle!  The first signs of ageing usually appear around the age of 25. It can be sooner with sun exposure, stress, and smoking. Others won’t show any signs of ageing before the ages of 30 to 35.

The first areas to show signs of age are the forehead, the eye and lip contour as well as the eyebrows. These are the areas subject to showing our emotions.

How to slow down the appearance of wrinkles?

Even though wrinkles star to appear around the age of 25 to 30, there are some methods to slow down their appearance:

  • Take care of your skin with sunscreen lotions, face creams and serums
  • Remove your makeup properly to eliminate dead cells and impurities
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet, rich in antioxidants
  • Limit your alcohol and tabaco consumption in order to keep a luminous and radiant skin complexion

When should you start using a wrinkle cream?

Are you wondering if it would be useful to apply a wrinkle cream at your age? It is recommended that you use a targeted cream beginning at the age of 25 to manage your first wrinkles as well as possible. You see, your skin’s youth requires specific treatments to maximise the prevention of the signs of ageing.

In addition, normal skin ageing can be accelerated by different factors which should not be neglected, like UV rays and smoking. Take a look at the signs which should serve you as alerts!


To find out when you should begin using a wrinkle cream, you should consider the genetic factor. You see, skin ageing will differ, depending on your genetic heritage. Your first lines will undoubtedly appear around the same age as your ancestors!

Skin type

Insufficient hydration of your face is the leading factor in the appearance of your first wrinkles. In other words, dry skin tends to be more concerned by wrinkles and fine lines, compared to combination and oily skin types.


The factors which can speed up your skin’s ageing process should not be neglected, even before you see the first lines on your face. Your lifestyle has a direct impact on the youthfulness and beauty of your skin.

Here are some habits which lead to premature skin ageing:

⦁ exposure to the sun or to UV rays in a tanning booth
⦁ consumption of alcohol and tobacco
⦁ an imbalanced diet
⦁ stress
⦁ pollution.

Around the eyes: The top spot for first wrinkles

The eyes are where the first wrinkles tend to appear. This includes the area around your eyes, lines on your forehead and frown lines between your eyebrows. This is because this part of the face is very mobile.

If you are highly expressive and have thin, light-coloured skin, you will be more likely to develop wrinkles in these areas. Start using a wrinkle cream very early on to limit these premature wrinkles!

What cream should you use at 25 to take care of your skin?

Prevention is better than cure! Although there are few signs of skin ageing to alert you, it is important to know which cream to use at age 25 to reduce the appearance of your first wrinkles as far as possible.

You see, starting at 25 years old, cell renewal is less active, and your skin will dehydrate more quickly. Here are the facial wrinkle treatments to adopt from the age of 25.

An eye care treatment

Fine lines can crop up quickly around your eyes, an area which has a number of unique features. You see, the skin in this part of your face is very thin and is less tolerant of external aggressors. As a result, the area around your eyes is more susceptible to lines. Don’t skip out on an eye cream with smoothing, moisturising effects!

A face cream

A face cream lays the foundations for your skin care routine! At the age of 25, most signs of ageing are due to environmental factors. So, use a day cream rich in antioxidants, which can repair the damage caused by daily assaults on the skin of your face.

A night treatment

Are night treatments essential at 25? A moisturising night cream which boosts cell regeneration can stimulate your skin’s cellular dynamics. The skin on your face works hardest between 2 and 4 am.

A cream that is rich in nutrients is therefore ideal for boosting that natural process and fosters supple, firm facial skin.

Which facial treatment should you use at age 30 to fight the appearance of your first wrinkles?

Choosing a facial treatment when you’re 30 means seeking out anti-wrinkle products which provide antioxidants, solid hydration and real anti-ageing prevention.

Opt for natural ingredients that match your skin type without being aggressive. Here are the active wrinkle-fighting ingredients you should prioritise at age 30 for a smooth, firm face.

Vitamin C

This active ingredient is often present in wrinkle treatments. It serves to combat photo-ageing by blocking free radicals from pollution, UV rays, tobacco, etc. It also works on the loss of radiance, small wrinkles and skin spots by providing perfect regulation of melanin synthesis and by boosting collagen production.

Hyaluronic acid

Naturally present in your body, hyaluronic acid gives you well-hydrated skin. With age, the quality and quantity of hyaluronic acid gradually decreases. A wrinkle treatment containing this active ingredient will form a smoothing, moisturising film over the surface of your skin.

Glycolic acid

This active ingredient eliminates dead skin cells from your face and helps you restore radiance to a dull complexion. For enhanced efficacy, it is recommended that you choose a wrinkle treatment containing multiple fruit acids.

Pink algae, a powerful antioxidant

Pink algae, or Dunaliella salina, is a powerful antioxidant which acts as a shield against free radicals. This protective substance is rich in vitamins, glycerol, trace elements and carotenoids. It is an effective ally in preserving your skin’s youthfulness.

Hydrating vegetable oil

Your wrinkle treatment should also use an oil with strong moisturising properties. This could for example be sweet almond oil or argan oil.

For all our anti-wrinkle tips for your age, see our pages dedicated to skin care.