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Crème Soin de la Nuit - ECLAE Crème Soin de la Nuit - ECLAE

96 % natural origin ingredients

Crème Soin de la Nuit


Absolu Regard - ECLAE Absolu Regard - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Absolu Regard


Crème Riche Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE Crème Riche Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Soin Protecteur Enrichi


Concentré de Lumière - ECLAE Concentré de Lumière - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Concentré de Lumière


Pink Algae

What makes skin sensitive?

Every skin is different and has different levels of tolerance for external factors like:

  • pollution

  • exposure to sun and/or wind

  • allergies

  • use of unsuitable products

  • contact with hard water

  • stress and even emotions.

In sensitive skin, the barrier is naturally or periodically weakened, making the skin particularly reactive. Sensitive skin tends to redden and pull. The face experiences sensations of discomfort and overheating.

Because its protective barrier is weakened, sensitive skin isn’t able to defend itself like it should. The epidermis is porous, and there is no shield protecting it from external assaults or preventing its moisture from evaporating. This triggers an inflammatory reaction in which the skin becomes red and painful. A soothing face care product can provide daily relief in this respect.

The right products to soothe and repair your skin

Sensitive skin demands to be soothed. It also needs help repairing itself. Soothing, restorative products relieve the skin of redness, irritation, itching and roughness by helping it repair itself faster.

A damaged epidermis is already vulnerable and will struggle to rid itself of any bacteria or impurities that are bothering it. Restorative products contain antibacterial agents such as zinc and copper, and certain vitamins like B3 which stimulate the production of lipids that reduce water loss in the skin. As they repair the skin, these products strengthen its protective barrier and also fight dryness.

Between oils, serums, balms, masks, gels, day creams and night creams, there’s a soothing cream for every skin type. A restorative cream can also prevent dryness or serve as an anti-ageing cream or a blemish cream.

When caring for sensitive skin, less is better. Less in the way of changes, products, components, fragrances and weightiness, but more in the way of natural ingredients. These restorative creams, with their smooth, lightweight texture, are easy to assimilate and let your skin breathe as much as possible.

A facial routine is ideal for caring for dry, sensitive skin, because the benefits of the products are designed to be combined and produce complementary actions to restore your face’s healthy glow. Don’t hesitate to do a skin diagnosis to gain a better understanding of your skin type and to get some tips and a list of appropriate products from our different ranges.

Moisturise and nourish your skin to compensate for its weaknesses

Water loss is the first effect of a fragile skin barrier. And dehydrated skin is much more likely to be tight, red and irritated. To soothe your skin, it is vital to give it back the water it loses in large quantities. It’s also essential to nourish it, because strong skin is skin with a healthy acid mantle. The fatty agents that are found in vegetable oils and butters can help prevent evaporation.

Using moisturisers can satisfy the need for water in dehydrated skin, which is why they are so important.

Pay attention to the most fragile parts of your face, like the area around your eyes, because the skin there is thinner, so it needs special care. For many people, the first signs of age appear around the eyelids. A restorative eye contour product is a great addition to a face care routine, and essential to maintaining a truly healthy face.

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