At what age are the first wrinkles visible?

L'apparition des premières rides peut te sembler angoissante, et elles arrivent souvent plus tôt qu'on ne le pense, parfois dès l'âge de 25 ans . Mais rassure-toi, même si les rides sont les premiers signes du vieillissement de la peau , elles ne sont pas une fatalité.

Avec les bons produits adaptés à ton type de peau , et en faisant une analyse détaillée de celle-ci, tu peux ralentir leur apparition ou au moins les atténuer.

De nombreux produits de beauté et soins peuvent aider à réduire l'apparence des premières rides et donner un coup de jeune à ton visage. Les crèmes et sérums à l' acide hyaluronique anti-rides ou anti-âge sont très populaires dans le monde des cosmétiques, que ce soit sous forme de soins , de crèmes ou de sérums.

Mais comment repérer les premières rides et les prévenir dès le plus jeune âge ?

Suis nos conseils d'experts et découvre avec ECLAE comment préparer au mieux ta peau à l'arrivée des rides et freiner leur apparition efficacement !

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The appearance of the first wrinkles is an agonizing step in life that can happen faster than you think. Did you know that the first wrinkles can arise from the age of 25? Do not worry, if wrinkles are the First signs of skin aging, they are not indelible. It is thus possible to slow down their appearance or at least mitigate these marks of time. Several beauty and care products make it possible to reduce the appearance of the first wrinkles and give a facelift to the skin of the face. Anti-wrinkle or anti-aging hyaluronic acid products and creams bloom in the world of cosmetics: the latter are in the form of care, serum, anti-wrinkle cream, or even injection.

How to detect your first wrinkles and how to prevent them from an early age? Follow our expert advice and discover without further delay with Eclae How to best prepare your skin on arrival of wrinkles And effectively curb their appearance!

Towards what age the first wrinkles appear on the face?

Wrinkles appear with age and skin aging And mark the face in the form of folds on the skin. The wrinkles appear as a result of a loss of two proteins present naturally in our body: collagen, which offers the firmness of the fabrics and guarantees plump skin and elastin, which allows the skin to be elastic and flexible. Even if age is the first enemy of our skin, hormones or lifestyle can also have an effect on the appearance of wrinkles. In this sense, tobacco, prolonged exposure to the sun, stress, alcohol or pollution can promote the arrival of wrinkles.

The first wrinkles can settle on your face and Mark your skin around the age of 25. This rule is not universal, some people will see the first wrinkles appear at the age of 30 and others around 35 years old. This factor depends greatly on your lifestyle! Know that unlike popular beliefs, the first wrinkles do not mark the skin irreversibly. At this point, these are only small fine lines that can still fade with good care chosen carefully. The first wrinkles are also called The expression wrinkles and are distributed in various facial places.

What areas of the face appear the first wrinkles?

The first wrinkles or expression wrinkles appear in places where facial skin reacts Faced with an emotion like joy or anger. Expressions were targeted around the eyes when you laugh or at the eyebrow level when you are upset. Did you know that the wrinkle between your eyebrows is called the lion's wrinkle? Forehead is also one of the areas where the effect of skin aging takes place. This area of ​​the skin is indeed very requested by our facial expressions.

Signs of age easily target places where the skin is the finest and most sensitive like the corner of the eyes. These wrinkles and fine lines in the corners of the eyes, called the feet of geese, can give a look with less radiance. Likewise, the outline of the mouth can be subject to wrinkles. They appear more in smokers : the skin then forms fine lines around the lips. Finally, it should not be minimized The effect of the sun or the effect of stress On the skin that also promotes the appearance of wrinkles!

How to brake the appearance of the first wrinkles of the facial?

A good lifestyle associated with A beauty routine with treatments and creams Adapted can slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fight against the first signs of age on the face. You can, From the age of 20:

  • take care of your skin with a Good hydration of the epidermis and making scrubs to remove dead skin cells;
  • Clean and make up your face with products suitable for your skin (oily skin, mixed skin, dry skin, neutral skin, mature skin);
  • use a sunscreen in summer as a SPF 50 sunscreen;
  • use a treatment cream or A serum for the eye area to limit the appearance of fine lines that mark the gaze;
  • use a cream or a day or night care anti-aging action with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to curb the appearance of the first wrinkles;
  • to use A night cream for good skin hydration;
  • Massage your face for three minutes a day by moving from the inside to the outside with a treatment or a serum in order to restore radiance and a rebounded effect to your skin;
  • Limit your tobacco and alcohol consumption to take care of your skin;
  • eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants.