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Crème Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE Crème Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Crème Bonheur du Jour


Crème Riche Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE Crème Riche Bonheur du Jour - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Soin Protecteur Enrichi


Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant - ECLAE Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant


Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections

Mon Masque Détox - ECLAE Mon Masque Détox - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Masque Détox


Ma Crème Hydratante - ECLAE Ma Crème Hydratante - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Ma Crème Hydratante


Teint Merveilleux - ECLAE Teint Merveilleux - ECLAE
Coup de coeur du public

97 % natural origin ingredients

Teint Merveilleux


Pink Algae

Pollution and the danger it poses to your skin

Pollution is a saturation of particles, dust and other volatile agents in the air, that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Your skin however is constantly subjected to these pollutants. To protect itself from coming into contact with them, its defence mechanisms are continuously activated. Unfortunately, those mechanisms are eventually exhausted, and the skin’s cells stop being able to regenerate sufficient quantities of antioxidants. As a result, with a barrier that has been weakened by environmental aggressors, the skin is less protected, allowing pollutants to penetrate and obstruct its cells.

Oxidised skin tends to be dehydrated, tight, dry and red. These sensations translate as:

  • dilated pores

  • skin that is less smooth and elastic due to reduced collagen production and a significant loss of the skin’s natural resources

  • aged skin marked by wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes and a dull complexion.

What anti-pollution products are there to protect and detoxify the skin?

Detoxify your skin and save its life! Detox and anti-pollution products offer a combination of protective and regenerative action to rid your epidermis of the impurities and particles lodged between its cells. They also create a defensive barrier in support of your face’s weakened skin barrier. Anti-pollution products are rich in active ingredients that fight age accelerators and that cleanse and restructure your skin.

Anti-pollution products are also rich in natural antioxidants and moisturisers, like vitamin C, vitamin E, fruit extracts, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. Those antioxidants form a protective shield over the skin, in addition to boosting cell renewal by stimulate the cells’ natural metabolism. Thanks to antioxidants, the cells are strengthened and refreshed. Your listless skin will start breathing again and will be able to repair itself on a lasting basis.

These facial treatments come in a variety of forms, including day creams, masks, lotions, complexion enhancers and more. Depending on your skin type and your preferences, you can opt for products that are lighter or denser, and combine products that enhance your complexion with skin care that moisturises, nourishes and protects.

Develop good habits

For perfectly healthy skin, every part of your face routine needs to be right. An anti-pollution cream, detox mask or antioxidant serum will act on your skin, but the wrong routine will undermine and possibly even block their effects.

Cleansing your skin is the crucial first step. Every day, use a good make-up remover and a good cleanser to eliminate all the impurities that have attached themselves to your epidermis over the course of the day. You can then apply an antioxidant serum, which will penetrate directly into your pores for deep-down treatment. Supplement your routine with a daily anti-pollution cream and a detox mask applied once or twice a week. Use a moisturising day cream or a restorative lotion to reinforce the action of your detoxifying products.

Not all skin has the same needs. Everyone’s skin is subject to its own issues, and some facial products will affect different skin differently. In other words, you should choose your products based on your skin type. For example, you may want to opt for an anti-ageing face cream or a soothing gel. Another kind of product to add to your rotation, which we unfortunately tend to neglect, is UV and sun protection, which also help protect skin from external aggressors.

Products that target the complexion can enhance your skin’s natural luminescence. Whether you choose a radiance-enhancing treatment or a tinted product, be sure it features natural ingredients and lightweight textures that will not clog your skin or dry it out. Some complexion products also offer moisturising, nourishing or pollution-protection properties.

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