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Body care begins in the shower

Before even thinking about body cleansing products, it’s important not to neglect points like the temperature of the water, its hardness, the time you spend under it, the temperature in the bathroom, the fabric in your towels, etc. Added all together, these aspects can really affect your skin’s health.

Wash in lukewarm water, to avoid shocking your body and its epidermis. Soft towels made of non-irritating fabric are the best option. Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature. If you leave the shower with your skin tight and red, this may mean your water is too hard (high in minerals) or your body skincare products aren’t right for you. Generally speaking, pay attention to any signs of discomfort that your skin may be sending you. Body care begins with listening to your sensations.

When you take a shower or bath, that’s the perfect time to care for self-care and skin care. And it’s even better with the right products!

Choose a moisturising shower gel designed for your skin type, that includes cleansing action with the hydration that your skin needs after spending the day or night rubbing against fabric or anything else. Look for a body product that is pH neutral, as this will be gentler on your skin. Natural, non-aggressive formulas are the best way to gradually make your skin soft and supple, with no rough patches or sensation of dryness.

Why should you exfoliate your epidermis?

Between your clothes and sources of friction, the skin of your body struggles to breathe and accumulates impurities and dead skin cells that block its pores. This clogs the surface of your skin, which ends up being weakened or even damaged.

An exfoliating scrub is essential, because it removes all those impurities, clears your pores and eliminates the dead cells on your skin. This lets your skin breathe and regenerate. In addition, a body scrub reactivates your microcirculation along with your cell renewal and stimulates your skin to help it regain its suppleness, tone and elasticity. And finally, the cleaner your pores are, the better they will absorb the active ingredients in the products you apply. If you regularly use a moisturising body cream but haven’t seen any effects, that may be a sign that your pores are clogged and need a deep clean. Body scrubs are designed to clear the skin’s protective barrier.

They tend to come in the form of a gel or balm, although there are also exfoliating oils and shower gels. It’s up to you to pick the body care product that’s right for you, based on its texture, its formula, the comfort and contentment that it brings you, and its responses to your skin’s specific needs.

A body exfoliator should be applied to clean skin, in gentle movements so as not to irritate your already fragile epidermis. The more sensitive your skin is, the milder and more fine-grained the scrub you should choose, with fewer abrasive ingredients like fruit acids. The most commonly used grains in scrubs come from nuts, fruit stones, sugar and sea salt. Sea salt is fantastic for both dry and oily skin, because it smooths any bumps and releases soothing, moisturising active ingredients that purify, detoxify, refresh and remineralise dry skin.

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