What cream should you use at age 25?

Before the age of 25, your skin contains enough collagen to regenerate itself. But to help it, a cream for your first wrinkles will moisturise your skin and protect it against the signs of ageing.

A healthy lifestyle and a rigorous cleansing routine will revive its radiance and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to skin ageing.

Lifestyle as a defence against skin ageing

At 25, the skin does not yet show any signs of ageing, like wrinkles and dark spots. The skin cells produce enough active ingredients like collagen.

However, a strict lifestyle is necessary in order to preserve the beauty of the thin skin around your eyes in particular.

Eating organic food, getting a good night’s sleep and ensuring good hydration are the basic advice for keeping your skin young.

Cleansing your face to protect your skin

You should mainly cleanse your face in the evening. This removes any residue from cosmetics like make-up, but also from pollution.

These substances can have a harmful effect on your skin and lead to the appearance of your first fine lines and wrinkles.

To avoid this, there are a number of treatments suitable for young skin:

⦁ mineral water
⦁ cleansing make-up removal oil
⦁ micellar water.

A beautiful skin routine begins with meticulous make-up removal in the evening. If you do not use much make-up, micellar water can remove all of the cosmetics from your face. If you use more make-up, you should use moisturising oil, possibly enriched with vitamin E.

Next, a mineral water spray can refresh and hydrate your epidermis overnight.

A moisturiser for firm skin

Moisturising cosmetic treatments are essential at any age, whether in the form of a cream, a serum or a mask. At the age of 25, they are already full of organic aloe vera, collagen or hyaluronic acid.

These active ingredients enhance the skin’s radiance while ensuring its hydration, an essential factor in preventing the appearance of the signs of ageing, like dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

The area around the eyes, with its more fragile skin, sometimes demands an anti-ageing serum or a treatment containing hyaluronic acid.

A sun filter for an anti-ageing effect

A precursor of vitamin D, the sun is aggressive towards the skin. While discolorations and wrinkles appear with time, the damage is gradual.

As a result, the skin needs a protective cream during exposure and a moisturising cream or oil after spending time in the sun.

The skin of the face and neck is particularly fragile. A mask containing vitamin C or vitamin A will also have restorative effects on the skin, curbing the appearance of the signs of ageing.

At 25, no one needs to use a wrinkle cream to preserve the radiance of youth on their skin. At that age, the skin cells are still rich in collagen and are able to self-regenerate.

A gentle cleansing and moisturising routine will suffice to maintain the face’s beauty and firmness. Consider using micellar water and mineral water for a gentle routine.