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Elixir de Soie Elixir de Soie

98 % natural origin ingredients

Elixir de Soie


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95 % natural origin ingredients

L'Eau Parfumée

Pink Algae

How to beautify your body’s skin

Caring for your body, your skin, your hands and your feet means taking some time for pure self-care. It’s a real ritual. Take the time to follow a regular body skincare routine that will help you reconnect with yourself and your physical sensations.

There are specific body products, with pleasant, smooth textures, that are designed just for this purpose. They provide a more enjoyable feel on your skin and are easy to apply. Your skin’s needs will depend on its type, so choose your body care products accordingly.

Body balms are excellent options for dry skin that needs extra nourishment and protection, as are body butters. These products are rich in nourishing ingredients like shea butter or coconut butter, both of which are intensely nourishing and protective. Some body care choices, like creams and milks, come in formulas that are so lightweight that they leave no greasy finish on the skin. They instantly brighten and lighten the skin on your legs, your arms and the rest of your body.

And how could we talk about quality time for your body without mentioning body oil or massage oil? These oils are extremely nourishing and moisturising, and can even be multi-purpose, usable on the body, hair and face. One big advantage of oils is the multiple properties and applications they provide. Depending on the oil you select, you may enjoy antioxidant, restorative, anti-ageing and skin-perfecting benefits. They can deliver nutrients, suppleness and elasticity to your skin.

You don’t have to be a professional to use body oil: on clean, dry skin, apply it to your different body parts in an upward motion and then use small, circular movements to help the oil penetrate your epidermis. Or, you can use a roller or suction pads. There will be less skin-on-skin contact, but these implements will increase the stimulation of your microcirculation.

Body skin care: A sensory experience

Between the feel of products on your epidermis and the different textures of body balms, creams and oils, your body will glow, and your skin will be soft to the touch. You will feel light and fresh. And to make your beauty routine truly complete, fragrances and scents can help enhance your sensory escape.

Body care products are made to have a pleasant, more or less strong aroma that will linger on your skin before it dissipates. Depending on your skin type and the quantity of product you apply, the amount of time this fragrance lasts will vary. But if you want to leave a more distinct, scented aroma in your wake, a perfume is what you need… or an eau de toilette, scented water or cologne. Depending on your personality and your mood, you’ll find a scent to suit you: fruity or flowery, woody, leathery, spicy and so on. There are countless fragrances out there, which you can try and combine until you find the one that you’ll wear everywhere.

To make it last all day long, apply your scented water to strategic parts of your body like the inside of your wrists and elbows, your neck and your cleavage. Moisturise your skin well, because perfume will last longer on healthy skin than on dry skin.

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