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Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant - ECLAE Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant


Ma Crème Hydratante - ECLAE Ma Crème Hydratante - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Ma Crème Hydratante


Mon Masque Détox - ECLAE Mon Masque Détox - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Masque Détox


Poudre de Camargue - ECLAE Poudre de Camargue - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Poudre de Camargue


Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections

Mon Soin Ciblé Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE Mon Soin Ciblé Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Soin Ciblé Anti-Imperfections


Pink Algae

Why does skin get blemishes?

Blemishes are usually caused by a number of hormonal and/or external factors. Those factors – like pollution, stress, smoking, an imbalanced diet and excess sebum – weaken the skin, making it more sensitive and triggering the corresponding reactions. Signs that your skin is suffering include:

  • redness

  • blotchiness

  • irritation

  • excessive sebum production that makes the skin look and feel greasy

  • dilated pores, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts

  • severe acne

These blemishes are often considered to be unattractive by those who have them, and so can be detrimental to their well-being, in addition to being painful and, above all, indications that there is some imbalance in the person’s lifestyle. Choosing to use an anti-blemish product on your face means choosing to help your skin feel better, get healthy and regain a smooth, even and fresh texture.

What treatments are available for blemish-prone skin?

Blemish treatments stand out from other face care products because they have a specific action that targets everything from small imperfections in the skin to larger bumps. These are NOT medical treatments, although they do make a clear contribution to improving the skin, purifying it and boosting its overall state of health.

Moisturising creams, blemish serums, targeted products and more cleanse the skin, purify it deep down, regulate it and help eliminate the growth and recurrence of pimples and other forms of acne. Their action unclogs pores, contains the spread of bacteria on and in the epidermis, regulates the production of sebum and removes dead skin cells that can reduce the absorption of skincare products and make the skin look dull.

To achieve this, their formulas are rich in antioxidants and in purifying, soothing and mattifying agents. Some of the most common of these include zinc, eucalyptus, wood charcoal and salicylic acid. Certain vegetable oils, like argan oil, work to balance the skin and reduce its inflammation. White rose is a powerful detoxifying ingredient, while Pink Algae has strong antioxidant properties. These formulas may be supplemented with moisturising actives like hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin as a whole.

Blemish-prone skin demands a comprehensive routine

When your skin is prone to blemishes, if you want to make it smooth and healthy, you will need a regular routine and a spotless lifestyle. You should choose products that are suited to your skin type and avoid the shock of very cold water, rough wipes and overly aggressive products. Before you even start to apply your skin care, wash your hands and make sure the beauty equipment you are using has been cleaned since the last time you used it.

A routine for blemish-prone skin should contain several products, usually from the same range so as to reduce the risk of bad reactions between the products, whose combined action will cleanse, purify and protect your skin. This routine can include items like balms, creams, masks and serums. Blemish creams are ideal for concealing existing blemishes and preventing the appearance of any more. They act on pimples and their causes. Blemish serums tend to offer more concentrated action aimed at clearer skin, tighter pores and a more refined texture, thanks to the astringent and exfoliating actives they contain.

As a general rule, avoid using very thick cosmetics that will suffocate your skin. If you want to wear make-up to conceal irregularities in your skin, choose face products that are as natural as possible, that let your skin breathe and whose formulas are non-acnegenic. You could opt for a tinted day cream instead of a traditional foundation, or for anti-ageing and blemish products that continue to work all day long.

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