How to choose the right wrinkle cream: Our top tips

Quand tu cherches à acheter une crème de soin, la grande question est : comment choisir une crème anti-rides  ? Tout commence par bien comprendre ton type de peau , car les actifs des cosmétiques sont plus ou moins adaptés selon ta peau.

Opte pour une crème antirides qui contient des ingrédients essentiels comme le rétinol, l'acide hyaluronique, les vitamines E, A et C, ou le collagène. Ces éléments sont efficaces pour lutter contre les rides et ridules , surtout s'ils sont associés à une bonne hydratation. Le prix est aussi à considérer, même si ce n'est pas toujours un indicateur de qualité.

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When the time comes to buy a skin care cream, the big question is how to choose the right anti-wrinkle face care. Of all the different active ingredients used in cosmetics, some may be more suitable depending on your skin type.

You should choose a wrinkle cream with key ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamins E, A and C, and collagen. These will ensure the effectiveness of your battle against wrinkles and fine lines, combined with good hydration.

Price is also something to consider when making a purchase, although it is not a guarantee of results.

When should you use an anti-ageing treatment to preserve your skin’s beauty?

Why does skin wrinkle with age ? This question arises as soon as the first lines appear at the corners of the eyes.

As the skin ages, it produces fewer of the natural active ingredients that give it its elasticity. The production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin gradually diminishes with age.

Their effects – keeping the skin firm and healthy – will then decline, leading to dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.

This is why it is important to choose the right wrinkle cream, organic or otherwise.

Reduce the effects of ageing and the sun with wrinkle cream

How to get rid of wrinkles on your face ? This is a question that most people ask – men and women alike – when they discover their first wrinkles.

As soon as the first furrow at the corner of the eyes appears, or the first crease in the forehead, the hunt for signs of ageing begins. This is the time to choose a wrinkle cream.

The main weapons in the fight against ageing are:

  • a healthy lifestyle
  • good hydration of the epidermis
  • use of a skin care cream starting with the first signs of ageing
  • the application of beauty products to clean skin with no make-up.

Choosing your first moisturiser to preserve your youthfulness before choosing a wrinkle cream

 Different skins have different hydration needs. So, which cream for the first wrinkles ?

To preserve your skin’s youthfulness, a product made with collagen, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid should be applied as soon as any lines appear around your eyes. Their action fills in small wrinkles while preserving your skin’s radiance. 

Choose your products based on your face’s skin type.

A cream containing coconut oil paired with vitamins C and E will be better suited to dry skin, thanks to the nourishing effects of the oil.

Vitamins protect the skin from damage caused by the sun and pollution. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production.

Oily or thick skin will benefit most from the peeling effect of AHAs (fruit acids).

Avoid using overly greasy moisturisers on the more fragile area around the eyes. Opt instead for an anti-ageing serum.

Anti-ageing creams: Complete hydration for radiant skin and to slow the signs of ageing

Skin tends to show the first signs of age at around 35 to 40 years, clamouring for a cream for mature skin

Richer in active anti-ageing ingredients, these creams feature higher levels of hyaluronic acid or retinol.

When choosing a wrinkle cream, prioritise skin creams that contain UV and pollution filters.

Supplement your daytime skin care with a night cream which will nourish your skin deeper down and stimulate cell renewal.

Active ingredients proven to be effective in fighting wrinkles and discolorations on the face

With menopause, hormonal changes express themselves in increased dryness and a thinning of the skin, combined with a loss of radiance in the complexion.

To care of your skin during  menopause, you will want to moisturise it, fill in its wrinkles, address its loss of density and treat a new phenomenon of ageing: the appearance of dark spots.

Choosing a wrinkle cream which uses resveratrol as an active ingredient is a good solution for mature skin.

Adopt a routine based on an eye care treatment plus an anti-ageing serum, a spot corrector and wrinkle cream, and a night cream.

Your skin will be nourished and hydrated, and you will treat the appearance of dark spots as and when they appear.

As preventive measures, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, which can increase the skin’s dryness and the appearance of dark spots at the surface of the epidermis.

Should you use multiple cosmetics together for enhanced efficacy?

Why use a serum before the cream ? When combined with a serum, applied morning and night, the effects of active anti-ageing ingredients will be reinforced.

When you pair cosmetics together, you provide multiple treatments to your skin:

  • An anti-ageing serum to repair and protect your skin, which contains twice as many active ingredients as a cream
  • An eye care product, because this fragile area needs special treatment
  • An antioxidant day cream that protects against the sun’s rays and helps with the skin’s hydration
  • An anti-ageing treatment in the form of a night cream which is more nourishing and rebuilds your skin while you sleep.

How to apply your moisturiser: Actions that will boost the effects of your beauty care

You can magnify the efficacy of your beauty products by using the right motions to put your wrinkle cream on the face.

Enhance your beauty treatments’ active ingredients with a gentle massage of your entire face. By stimulating skin, these motions will activate your blood circulation, resulting in better penetration of your skin care creams’ active ingredients.

Applying your eye care treatment

Dab your eye treatment delicately along the contour of your eyes. Pat it and then massage it in using a circular motion.

Be sure to use a gentle massaging motion to avoid irritating your skin, working your way outward, toward the crow’s feet. Finish with your movable upper eyelids.

Tips for applying an anti-ageing serum

Serums prevent the skin from ageing. These are very rich in active antioxidant ingredients, so a single squirt will suffice for your entire face, avoiding the area around your eyes.

Use a smooth motion to apply your product, from the centre to the outside of the face.

Applying your day treatment and night cream

Your day cream and night cream should be applied in the same way as your serum, stimulating penetration with outward motions.

For full penetration, massage your wrinkle cream gently into your skin, to activate blood circulation and enhance the radiance of your complexion.

Supplement your hydration by drinking plenty of water, potentially with a dash of organic lemon juice for a dose of vitamin C.