Shipping policy


The delivery is understood and is deemed to be made as soon as the product is made available to the customer by the delivery man, materialized by the control system used by the delivery man.



At the time of entering his order, the customer must choose the place of delivery: at home, at the office, at a third party, at the vacation location ...
The delivery of products is provided in mainland France and Corsica by the DPD carrier.

Under 72 hours, the customer will be notified of sending his order, and the tracking number of his order will be made available on his online customer space on the Eclae website. In the preamble to the delivery, the Customer will be informed by SMS of the scheduled delivery date, with the possibility of modifying this date on the carrier's website. In the absence of the customer during the planned delivery, the carrier reserves the right to provide a second delivery. Otherwise, the package will be returned to the company. The company will then contact the Customer for a possible re -exposition or, without response from the Customer, to a refund of the order. However, if 5 working days after shipping the package, the customer has no news from his order, he must get closer to the carrier via the shipping number available on his customer area on the Eclae website. If neither the carrier nor the delivery monitoring system offered on the ECLAE website, say they have trace of this package, the customer must then appear with the company which will then open a survey of the delivery services.
The Customer has the ability to have the products delivered to one of the natural persons of his choice whose permanent home is located in mainland France. The products will be sent to the delivery address that the customer indicated when ordering (limited to mainland France).


Delivery time

The products will be delivered at the latest within 30 days after the conclusion of the contract. Otherwise, the Customer can resolve the contract, by registered letter with request for acknowledgment of receipt or by a writing on another sustainable medium.

The contract is considered to be resolved by receipt by the letter of the letter or the writing informing it of this resolution, unless the company has been executed in the meantime.

Consequently, any delivery made beyond the delivery limit but before the reception by the company of the customer's denunciation letter cannot in any way justify the cancellation of the order, nor give rise to damages, Compensation or penalties. However, the Customer can immediately resolve the contract when the company does not carry out their obligation to delivery of the product (s) on the date or expiration of the period provided and that this date or this period constitutes for the customer An essential condition of the contract, the said essential condition resulting from the circumstances surrounding the conclusion of the contract or an express request from the customer before the conclusion of the contract.

When the contract is resolved under the conditions provided above, the company reimburses the customer for all the sums paid when ordering (product and delivery costs), at the latest within fourteen days of the date on which the contract was denounced.

In any event, the delivery of products within the deadlines can only take place if customers are up to date with their obligations with regard to the company and in particular as to their obligation to pay the price.

Shipping fees

The shipping costs via DPD are as follows (TTC):

  • For an order whose amount is less than or equal 35 €: 5.90 euros within France;
  • For an order greater than € 35: free shipping costs to France;