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Sérum Perles Précieuses - ECLAE Sérum Perles Précieuses - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Sérum Perles Précieuses


Super Concentré d'Energie - ECLAE Super Concentré d'Energie - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Super Concentré d'Energie


Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Sérum Anti-Imperfections

Coffret Booster d'Énergie - ECLAE Coffret Booster d'Énergie - ECLAE
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99 % natural origin ingredients

Coffret Booster d'Énergie

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Pink Algae

What is a serum?

Serums are the ultimate skincare products when it comes to unleashing the skin’s natural vitality. They are rich in a high concentration of powerful active ingredients, delivering precision benefits with impressive efficacy. And while they are rich, they are also lightweight, with a smooth texture that feels good on the skin and produces deep-down action. A serum is not a surface treatment. It penetrates the epidermis to target its action directly below.

When applied to bare, clean skin, all it takes are a few drops of this ultra-concentrated product to take action and restore your face’s vitality and radiance.

Serums: A key part of your beauty regimen

Facial serums are often incorrectly likened to a day cream or a night cream because, like them, it offers many benefits to the skin. But the action of a serum and the action of a moisturising cream are different although highly complementary. Creams work on the surface of the skin, protecting it from external aggressors like pollution. They have no deep-down action, unlike serums, which penetrate the layers of the epidermis. This is precisely why it is recommended that you apply your serum before your cream, to optimise their results.

Serums and creams work in synergy. Each has its own role, even if they may share certain benefits, as is the case with a moisturising serum, for example. The one cannot replace the other, but when you combine them, they will care for your skin inside and out, with maximum efficacy.

Powerful, intense and targeted effects of face serums

The active ingredients used in serums are known for their unrivalled, proven benefits. In a serum, these active ingredients are present in high concentrations, which is why you don’t need to apply very much before you start to see results after just a few days. In fact, lots of people like to do occasional courses of treatment with a serum, depending on the season, to give their skin what it lacks at different times of year.

As a function of their targeted action, serums will contain powerful ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, with its unbeatable anti-ageing and moisturising effects, toning and wrinkle-fighting peptides, vitamins, trace elements, etc.

No matter the season, your age, your lifestyle, your skin type or your current needs, there’s a face serum that’s just right for you. Serums can be mattifying, smoothing, plumping (firming), radiance-enhancing or anti-ageing (anti-wrinkle), but they all produce specialised, targeted effects aimed at your current concerns.

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