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Mousse Exquise Mousse Exquise

98 % natural origin ingredients

Mousse Exquise


Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant

99 % natural origin ingredients

Mon Baume Nettoyant Démaquillant


Eau Micellaire Douceur Exquise Eau Micellaire Douceur Exquise

95 % natural origin ingredients

Eau Micellaire Douceur Exquise


Pink Algae

Why is it important to thoroughly cleanse your face?

All day long, your skin is exposed to external aggressors, in spite of the products you apply to it daily. Between pollution, UV rays, dust and other kinds of impurities, your skin’s pores can quickly become clogged, preventing your skin from breathing correctly. If you don’t cleanse it on a regular basis, to remove all these nuisances, the result can be disastrous for your face in the long term. When your skin is assaulted, it reacts out of self-protection, which is what causes redness, pimples, blotches and so on to appear. This is why it’s so important to take the time to correctly cleanse your face every night. More than important: it’s essential!

Double cleansing: A vital routine for your face

Although we tend to conflate them, make-up removal and cleansing are two separate steps.

First comes make-up removal, when you wipe off most of the make-up you applied to your face in the morning. Make-up removers are designed to strip away even the most stubborn cosmetics, from your foundation to your eyes. However, although it does perform some basic cleansing action, that usually isn’t enough to get rid of all of the impurities that have accumulated over the course of the day. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a make-up removing milk, oil, foam or wipe.

Next, use a cleanser to take this process to the next level. Dedicated cleansing products have targeted action, so they can eliminate all the impurities blocking your pores deep down inside. There are cleansing balms, gels and lotions, as well as micellar water. Each product is tailored to the specific needs of a particular skin type, to provide you with mild yet affective cleansing.

After cleansing your face, you can apply your creams and other night products, which will be able to penetrate your skin more easily, now that it is perfectly clean.

Use two-in-one make-up removers and cleansers

For your convenience and to save time, you can opt for two-in-one facial care. Micellar water is the most common example of this category of product. You can apply it to your entire face with a cotton pad, even your eyelids. It is amazingly effective and allows you to both remove your make-up and cleanse your skin, all at once. In addition, it is suitable for any skin type, including blemish-prone skin.

ECLAE’s Eau Micellaire Douceur Exquise is soap-free and fragrance-free, so it can even be used on sensitive skin. It also combines the antioxidant, anti-ageing and moisturising properties of Pink Algae of Camargue, vegetable glycerin and vitamin E.

If you are more a fan of balms or foams, you will also be able to find some that provide both make-up removal and cleansing action, like the ones we offer in this category. The most important thing is to make sure these make-up removers and cleansers are not aggressive on your skin. You can do this by prioritising formulas made with natural ingredients, which avoid the use of substances that can be harmful to the long-term health of your epidermis.

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