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Products for a great hair wash

Shampoo is the most basic and essential hair care product. Whether it comes in dry, solid or gel format, we all use shampoo to clean our hair once or twice a week. Which is why it’s so important to pick the right one, because it plays an important role in the health of your hair and scalp. The wrong shampoo can irritate your scalp, weaken its epidermis or its bulbs, or suffocate its cells, resulting in dull, brittle hair that gets thinner and thinner as it grows.

There is a multitude of shampoos on the market, whose effects will differ as a function of your hair type and your scalp’s needs, but there are also more neutral, cleansing and restorative shampoos with formulas that are less targeted but just as effective, if not more.

For oily hair, a sebum-regulating or purifying shampoo is the ideal option. Conversely, you should choose a nourishing shampoo for dry hair, one that features ingredients like fatty acids or oils. Regardless, a moisturising base is a necessity, because your hair needs water too!

If your hair tends to break, you can find a hair loss or strengthening shampoo. And if you struggle with dandruff, a dandruff shampoo will be your best friend. Some shampoo can even help you change your hairstyle, giving you more or less volume, like smoothing and curl-enhancing shampoos.

Choose your products based on your hair’s type and needs, for fast, visible results.

How to get bright, shiny hair

Shiny hair catches the light and reflects it. This mirror effect makes your hair look glossy and silky smooth, full of volume and beauty. Unfortunately, to achieve that effect, the surface of your hair needs to be as undamaged as possible. If your hair’s cuticles (scales) are open, if your hair is damaged, it won’t be able to reflect light correctly and will seem much duller and lifeless.

Hair can be damaged by bad habits such as:

  • straightening your hair too often or at too high of a heat

  • dyeing your hair

  • using sheets in a very rough or thick fabric

  • excessively brushing your hair

  • using unsuitable or poorly formulated products.

But your hair can also be affected by your diet, your sleep quality and your stress level.

To improve its health and restore its strength, it is crucial that you choose the right hair care products. Start by looking at the ingredients. You’ll want to avoid certain ones like sulphates and silicones, which smother the hair and impede its absorption of the product’s active substances. Natural formulas that are rich in plant extracts are your best options. Vegetable oils, fruit vinegars and powdered plants are all excellent at delivering nutrition to damaged hair.

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