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Sérum Perles Précieuses Sérum Perles Précieuses

97 % natural origin ingredients

Sérum Perles Précieuses


Crème Bonheur du Jour Crème Bonheur du Jour

98 % natural origin ingredients

Crème Bonheur du Jour


Crème Soin de la Nuit Crème Soin de la Nuit

96 % natural origin ingredients

Crème Soin de la Nuit


Soin Protecteur Enrichi Soin Protecteur Enrichi
Sold out

98 % natural origin ingredients

Soin Protecteur Enrichi


Absolu Regard Absolu Regard

97 % natural origin ingredients

Absolu Regard


Crème Bonheur du Jour

98 % natural origin ingredients

Crème Bonheur du Jour


Pink Algae

Why should you use an anti-ageing product?

It’s natural for skin to age. Over the years, it becomes more sensitive to external aggressors. It also reflects your lifestyle, as a function of the treatments you have applied to it in past years and the habits you have adopted. Genetics also plays a role. No two people’s skin ages in exactly the same way.

Your skin type, exposure to the sun, diet, sleep patterns, stress and other factors all influence the appearance of the first signs of age on your face. This is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. So, by preventing and then mitigating their emergence, you could say that anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products work small miracles!

Crucial active ingredients for fighting the signs of ageing

Skin gradually becomes marked by signs of age because it is unable to naturally produce all the elements it needs to function correctly. As a result, it is vital to offset that decline by providing your skin with the nutrients, hydration and active ingredients that can help preserve it. How, you ask? By developing an anti-ageing routine for yourself.

Products that fight wrinkles and other effects of ageing stimulate cell renewal in the epidermis and strengthen, hydrate and protect it. This joint action is necessary in order to give your skin the complete support it needs.

For this level of effectiveness, these products tend to be rich in antioxidant agents, retinol, pollution filters and anti-ageing actives. These often include vitamins A, C and E, trace elements and fruit acids that hydrate the skin and rekindle its radiance. Pink Algae of Camargue, the star ingredient in all ECLAE products, is rich in carotenoids, glycerol and vitamins, making it a powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant active substance.

Lastly, to maintain the skin’s elasticity and hydration, collagen and/or natural hyaluronic acid is often included in anti-ageing skincare products.

How to choose the right anti-ageing products

First of all, you need to understand the difference between anti-ageing care and wrinkle care. Anti-ageing care aims to prevent and then correct the signs of ageing in the skin as much as possible, including dark spots and sagging. Wrinkle products are designed for targeted action against existing wrinkles and fine lines. Many anti-ageing products also contain active ingredients with wrinkle-fighting properties, making them two-in-one products. But that isn’t always the case, which is why it’s important to understand this nuance, so you can pick an anti-ageing product that meets your needs. If your goal is to lessen your wrinkles, then you will need an appropriate skincare product.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so you want to make sure your products are suited to your skin.

Skin can be drier or oilier, or be more prone to redness or blemishes. To avoid a reaction or other inconvenience, it is essential for you to understand your skin type. Skin that is very dry needs to be nourished. Skin that already produces excess sebum will appreciate AHAs or fruit acids for their peeling effects, while creams that are too greasy won’t help at all. For pronounced wrinkles, a wrinkle cream is the ideal solution. So, you should choose your anti-ageing cream based on the promises it makes over and above its anti-ageing action.

In addition, depending on your age, a moisturising day cream may be enough for skin that is still young, so long as it contains the right active ingredients. Over the age of 30, we recommend switching to anti-ageing products, which offer more complete formulas, particularly for eye wrinkles, as that is the area where our first wrinkles generally appear.

Don’t hesitate to try out different anti-ageing routines by combining the face care products you already have at home, like a wrinkle cream and an anti-ageing serum, which have complementary effects on the skin and its complexion. Pair your day cream with a night cream and add an anti-ageing mask once or twice a week.

You can also do a skin diagnosis for precise information about the products that are most likely to boost your skin’s wellness. We have one on our website, available here:

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