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Brume Capillaire - ECLAE Brume Capillaire - ECLAE

99 % natural origin ingredients

Brume Capillaire


Pink Algae

Why it’s important to protect your hair

Just like your skin, your hair and scalp are exposed to aggressors from inside and outside your body. When you are stressed, when your hormones are imbalanced or when your diet isn’t rich enough in nutrients and vitamins, your hair’s structure and growth will be affected. Hair can also be hurt by air pollution, dust, UV rays or even running your fingers through it too often. All these factors are a burden on your hair. When combined, they eventually weaken and damage it.

And when you start to want to straighten, curl or style your hair, the effect is only worsened by the use of heat and powerful styling products. If you straighten your hair too often or use the wrong kind of shampoo, this will be harmful to your hair, damaging it along its length and at the ends. It could even alter your hair, making it grow back thinner and more breakable. The end result is hair that is dry, dull and brittle, which is why it is so important to adopt a good strategy for protecting it.

Although it’s best to minimise the use of hair dryers, straighteners and hairspray, we all want to change our hairstyles from time to time, so that our hair reflects our personality. But this should be done judiciously, using the right products, to help make our hair as resistant as possible to all these treatments.

Heat protectants are designed to preserve keratin, a natural hair protein that sheathes the hair’s fibre and helps boosts its impermeability so it is more resistant and less likely to lose its moisture. In a cream, balm or oil, these products form a sort of shell around the hair, protecting it from anything that might assault it – especially heat – and delivering optimal nutrition to it. A hair protector is the best tool for overcoming these harmful effects and ensuring your scalp is well-protected.

Is it possible to change your hair without damaging it?

Do you have smooth hair that you want to give longer-lasting curls? Do you have curly hair but would rather it be straight? Do you have fine hair that you wish had more volume? Are you still searching for the right hairstyle? Or do you simply want to try a new style? The answer is the same: You can do it. There are many products on the market that can give you a fabulous hair experience!

Say goodbye to your old flat iron, your curling wand and your products made with sulphates or silicones. These days, there are methods, devices and even hair products that let you surpass your hair’s natural characteristics and try out any kind of hairstyle. The only limit is your imagination!

Still, you need to be careful and opt for the right techniques. Follow practices that are responsible and respectful of your hair and scalp, if you don’t want your hair to lose its vitality and become permanently damaged. Excessive heat is responsible for many hair problems, but that’s also true of the repeated use of products that are ill-suited to your hair type, prolonged exposure to the sun, and so on. To give your hair a boost, adopt a natural care routine that protects and respects its capillary fibre.

When you want to make a major change to your hair, see a specialised stylist, who will be able to take care of your care and give you the best advice. But for smaller, everyday adjustments, you can use a targeted product that’s designed to take specific action without affecting the health of your hair.

Sprays, creams, gels, conditioners and more: depending on your hair’s needs and your choice of style, you are sure to find the right product for you. For unruly hair, there are smoothing, softening anti-frizz creams. And texturising products also exist to volumise, thicken and shape heads of smooth, fine hair.

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