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Baume Généreux - ECLAE Baume Généreux - ECLAE

98 % natural origin ingredients

Baume Généreux


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98 % natural origin ingredients

Elixir de Soie


Pink Algae

The importance of a well-hydrated epidermis

Fatigue, stress and seasonal temperature variations can all weaken the skin on both your face and body. In addition, your body’s epidermis has to contend with the friction you cause when you move, as your clothes rub against your body. Aside from your hands, this skin is usually covered up, making it harder for it to breathe. All this friction and different sensitivities attack the stratum corneum (or horny layer) at the skin’s surface, damaging its acid mantle. But the role of that mantle is specifically to protect the epidermis against external aggressors and prevent the moisture it contains from evaporating.

The less water the skin has, the weaker it will be and the more water it will lose. It’s a vicious cycle. The result is dry, tight skin that may be itchy, that is generally undernourished, that flakes, peels and reddens easily and that may develop blotches or small pimples. Body care comes from moisturising, nourishing products that promise healthier skin.

Advantages of combining a moisturiser with a nourishing product

For it to grow stronger, the acid mantle of the epidermis needs to be both hydrated and nourished. Dehydrated skin is very sensitive and thirsty. Undernourished skin can’t protect itself and is hungry. Together, body moisturisers and nourishing products can rebuild the skin’s barrier to protect it whilst allowing it to regenerate.

Depending on your skin type, a different texture of product may be more suitable.

Nourishing body skincare products include balms and butters, which are very rich, making them perfect for dry and damaged skin, since they form a protective film that covers the epidermis for longer. Body oils are also nourishing options. They have a thick texture, with formulas that feature active ingredients that are rich in fatty acids, help prevent the skin from drying out and restore its radiance and suppleness. Amongst the most common of these are shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.

A moisturising body cream is versatile: it is suitable for any skin type. Its texture is lighter than a balm, and its formula contains fewer fatty actives.

As for combination to oily skin, although it already produces a lot of sebum and doesn’t require a nourishing product that is rich in fatty substances, it still has specific needs, for moisturising and restorative skincare products. Aqueous textures like moisturising body gels, lotions and milks can provide the hydration this skin needs, without feeling greasy after application, since they are absorbed so quickly. In addition, moisturising products tend to also be soothing. They purify the skin and make it feel better.

To make your routine even more effective, you could use specific, localised products like hand cream or moisturising anti-ageing cream, which compensate for the decline in the skin’s production of sebum and collagen. When designing a body skincare routine, don’t hesitate to choose two or three complementary products, like a body scrub, a body balm and an oil.

Caring for your body is self-care

It can be hard to find the time to look after your body. But remember that it takes only a few minutes to moisturise and nourish your body’s skin, one or twice a day. Take this time to relax and enjoy a moment of sweet well-being that will gradually provide you with skin that is hydrated, supple and full of life.

To apply your moisturiser, whatever kind you may choose, first take a shower to cleanse your body and then heat a little product in your hands before touching it to your skin. Whether you opt for a moisturising body balm, milk, butter or cream, rubbing it between your hands before you apply it can help to liquefy it a bit, so it is more pleasant to use and can penetrate your skin more easily. Use circular motions, from top to bottom, to stimulate your circulation. Go slowly, because you don’t want to agitate your already weakened skin, and let the product penetrate your skin fully.

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