The role of a wrinkle serum in your beauty regimen

The role of an anti-ageing serum is to reinforce the action of anti-ageing cream.  This is why it is essential to use an anti-ageing serum before your daily anti-wrinkle face cream. 

Moisturizing and concentrated in active ingredients, the serum is a complementary face care solution. The use of both treatments on the skin is essential to your facial beauty routine.

The role of an anti-ageing serum in your beauty routine

With age, the skin suffers from insufficient water, hyaluronic acid and collagen. What role does a wrinkle serum play in your face care routine?

Like saline solutions, wrinkle serums are used for intensive skin treatments

An intensive moisturising solution to fight the signs of ageing

A moisturising anti-ageing cream cannot solve the skin’s age-related problems on its own. A serum with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid provides an intensive moisturising solution for the skin.

The active ingredients of hyaluronic acid retain water in the epidermis. That water then spreads through the lower layers of the skin to restore the hydration of the skin’s tissues.

Unsightly furrows and spots are lessened on the surface of the skin.

Wrinkle serums: Intensive cellular repair treatments

When the skin ages, cellular activity in the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis slows. This disrupts the physiological function of the cells in the three layers of the skin on your face. The cells are no longer able to divide and replace themselves. In this case, they are referred to as senescent.

Wrinkle serums are more fluid than creams. Their active anti-ageing ingredients penetrate deeper inside the epidermis to repair senescent cells.

Wrinkle serums: Active ingredients in a subcutaneous perfusion

Do you dream of regaining the radiance and firmness of baby-smooth skin? For the areas around your eyes, nose and lips, follow our tips for using an anti-ageing serum.

The reinforced action of a wrinkle serum

The risk of your face sagging increases as your body ages. A wrinkle serum will boost the moisturising, firming and radiance effects of your anti-ageing cream.

Its role is to stimulate the absorption of elements that are essential to the skin like vitamins A and C.

Plan to use a separate serum specific to your eyes. Target furrows on your forehead and around your nose and lips, and then extend the treatment down to your neck.

What wrinkle serum will result in baby-smooth skin?

For baby-smooth skin, opt for serums with a high concentration of multiple moisturising and antioxidant vitamins.

Skin with wrinkles and discolorations is skin that is lacking in hydration.

The ageing body develops furrows on the forehead, at the corners of the eyes and from the nose to the corners of the lips.

Wrinkle serums release their anti-ageing ingredients in the skin to support your skin care cream. The moisturising power of a serum produces a physiological effect which is comparable to a subcutaneous perfusion.

The reinforced action of a wrinkle serum limits the risk of wrinkles and dark spots forming on the face. When combined with day and night treatments, it can help restore the physiological function of your cells.

Look for natural active ingredients like vitamins A, C and E, and hyaluronic acid.

Learn how to use your serum on your face and which serum to use depending on your skin type. Follow our beauty tips to regain skin that is almost as smooth as a baby’s thanks to your wrinkle serum: