How to choose the right wrinkle serum

Applying a wrinkle serum to your face before your anti-ageing cream boosts the hydration and firmness of your epidermis.

Choose your anti-ageing serum based on the skin issue that you want to resolve. Prioritise serums containing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C and retinol.

Three key beauty tips for choosing the right wrinkle serum

The strong concentration of active anti-ageing ingredients in wrinkle serums make them veritable youth elixirs.

Serums can fight all the signs of skin ageing through moisturising, filling wrinkles and lines, reducing discolorations and boosting radiance.

Follow our three tips when combining your wrinkle serum with your anti-ageing cream.

1. Use the same brand of serum and anti-ageing cream

Beauty treatments are formulated to supplement the action of other products in their range.

Choosing wrinkle serums from the same brand as your skin care creams will guarantee better results.

2. Opt for natural ingredients to fight the signs of ageing

Know that the best anti-ageing serums are made of an average of 95% natural ingredients.

A natural beauty product is not aggressive towards the texture of your skin. Combine the action of your anti-ageing serum with natural day and night creams.

3. Use skin care products intended to be applied around the eyes

The skin around your eyes is delicate. Select a specific eye care serum to fight expression wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

What wrinkle serum should you choose based on your skin type?

Your skin type will determine which anti-ageing treatments will maintain the balance of hydration, vitamins and firmness in your face. While all wrinkle serums have moisturising effects, you should choose your product based on its targeted action.

Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, combination or atopic, which is the right wrinkle serum for you?

For normal skin: Look for a radiant effect

During the ageing process, normal skin tends to lose its radiance. Choose an anti-ageing serum made with alginate pearls that smooth out wrinkles and mother-of-pearl which brightens the complexion.

Supplement the product’s action with a moisturising anti-ageing skin care cream.

For dry skin: Look for an intensive moisturising effect

Dry skin is susceptible to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Choose an intensive moisturising formula with hyaluronic acid for your serum and your wrinkle cream.

Opt for a range of anti-ageing treatments made from avocado oil, argan oil or borage oil.

For oily skin: Look for an astringent effect

Oily skin tends to develop acne as a result of excess sebum. Choose a purifying wrinkle serum with a high concentration of AHA, BHA and PHA fruit acids. Those anti-ageing peptides have triple astringent, antioxidant and smoothing action.

For combination skin: Look for a balancing effect

Combination skin is oily in the T-zone of the face and dry across the rest of the skin. Correct this imbalance with an anti-ageing serum concentrated in vitamin C and collagen.

Supplement your face care routine with a mattifying anti-ageing skin cream.

For atopic skin: Look for a cooling effect

Atopic skin is short on hydration and subject to redness and irritation.

Sooth your sensitive epidermis, day and night, with a moisturising, antioxidant anti-ageing serum.

Your preferred ingredients should be retinol, vitamin E, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Opt for products that combine these active ingredients for optimal effectiveness fighting wrinkles and dark spots.

Knowing how to choose the right wrinkle serum guarantees the efficacy of your beauty treatment against the signs of skin ageing. Add serums to your face care routine to improve the texture of your skin.

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