How to use a serum on your face ?

The application of an anti-ageing serum, morning and night, as a facial treatment, must be done on clean skin. Heating your serum first on your fingers will release its active ingredients which fight wrinkles, discolorations and redness.

Massaging the moisturising serum into the epidermis is a way to make up for its water, hyaluronic acid and collagen deficiencies, deep down in the skin.

Seven steps for applying a serum as part of your beauty routine

1. Eliminate pollution and dead skin from your face with a cleansing oil or emulsion. You should preferably use a product which is both cleansing and moisturising, like a micellar lotion or oil.

2. Begin to apply your day or night serums to the area around your eyes.

Use a specific serum for the eyes. Delicately pat the skin around your eyes for deep-down penetration. Then smooth the skin lightly, from the inside to the outside.

3. Apply your anti-ageing serum to the rest of your face. If your serum is a gel, heat a squirt of it in the palm of your hand. If your serum is a liquid, apply the drops directly to your face.

4. Depending on the skin issue you want to address, the targeted action of your serum could fight wrinkles, discolorations or redness, or else boost your skin’s radiance. Begin by following the lines on your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your nostrils and your chin.

5. Move back up your face towards your cheeks in a circular motion to stimulate cellular activity in your skin.

6. For the area around your lips, apply the serum while delicately smoothing your skin.

7. Finish applying the product by lightly pinching your skin between your thumb and index finger. Your skin is now ready to receive your day or night face care cream.

How to use a serum on your face based on your skin type?

A serum is a beauty treatment with a high concentration of active ingredients which targets skin problems. Face serums can be used as day and/or night treatments.

Follow our tips to find out how to use a serum on your face based on your skin type.

Use a moisturising serum on dry or combination skin

Dry skin and combination skin have the same problem of a lack of hydration. Combination skins are oily in the face’s T-zone.

For an optimal effect on dry or combination skin, use a serum with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. The active ingredients of hyaluronic acid retain water in the epidermis.

If you have combination skin, supplement the action of your moisturising serum with a mattifying skin care cream

Give sensitive skin a multi-vitamin moisturizing treatment

Sensitive skin encounters issues of hydration, redness and irritation.

Correct these problems with an intensive moisturising course of treatment in the morning and evening.

Opt for skin care products made with vitamins A, C and E, and hyaluronic acid.Apply the serum delicately to your sensitive skin to avoid irritating it.

Use anti-aging peptides on normal and oily skin

Serums made with fruit acids like AHAs, BHAs and PHAs purify oily skin down deep inside.

Their active astringent and antioxidant ingredients control excess sebum. These anti-ageing peptides restore radiance to normal and oily skin.
The application of a serum in the morning and evening reinforces the effects of your moisturising anti-ageing skin care cream
For your face care routine, opt for products that contain natural ingredients