Definition of a serum in cosmetics

Face serums are designed to provide targeted treatment for a specific requirement of your epidermis.

To increase the effectiveness of your beauty routine, you are advised to apply your serum before your cream. Why? Because the serum’s fluid texture will instantly penetrate the epidermis to hydrate and act deep down inside, but it is not designed to protect the skin.

That protective mission is assigned to your skin care cream, which will seal in the hydration by reinforcing the skin barrier.

What is a cosmetic serum?

While skin care creams aim to protect your skin, cosmetic serums are designed to provide a targeted response to the needs of the epidermis. Their formula, brimming with powerful active ingredients, adapts to any skin type.

Definition of a serum: A targeted response to the needs of the epidermis

A serum is a skin care treatment for the face, whose intensive formula was developed especially for the deep-down treatment of various skin problems like:

⦁ wrinkles
⦁ laxity in the shape of your face, eyes or lips
⦁ loss of hydration
⦁ a dull complexion
⦁ dark spots
⦁ redness
⦁ seborrhoeic dermatitis
⦁ etc.

Sought out for their moisturising or nourishing effects and their soothing, restorative or regulating action, and depending on the formula, face serums contain powerful ingredients like:

⦁ hyaluronic acid for its anti-ageing and moisturising effects (a water reservoir for the skin)
⦁ peptides for their anti-ageing, wrinkle-fighting and toning action (involved in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid)
⦁ vitamins
⦁ trace elements.

The ultra-rich formulas of serums is conducive to use in very small quantities, which is why they are packaged in small bottles with a dropper cap or a measuring pipette so you can measure out this concentrated radiance booster down to the drop.

Using a serum in your beauty routine

To boost the effectiveness of your day or night treatments, you are advised to use a serum as a complement to your classic beauty regimen.

When paired with your skin care cream in the morning or evening, or used as a one-off course of treatment, this product, with its high concentration of active anti-ageing ingredients, strengthen the action of your facial products (creams and oils).

For maximum effect, you should apply your serum to clean skin. This comes before the use of your skin care cream.

Selecting a serum and a cream from the same product range can optimise the synergistic benefits of their action. The choice of products made with organic or natural active ingredients is a plus.

In case of exposure to the sun, the use of a high SPF sun product (like a complete sunscreen) for the face, body and hair is strongly recommended so as not to weaken the efficacy of your serum and skin care cream pairing.

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