How to apply your wrinkle cream: Our tips for getting the best results

Although choosing a wrinkle cream can seem complicated, its effectiveness will be optimised if you use the right gestures when applying it.

Here is how you should apply your wrinkle cream to your face: a gentle massage to stimulate blood circulation will allow the active ingredients to more fully penetrate your epidermis and brighten your skin with a radiant complexion.

The different parts of your face should be massaged and pulled outwards. The more fragile areas, like around the eyes, should be stimulated by light circular motions and gentle patting.

Your movements should always be smooth and delicate to avoid irritating your skin.

How to use your wrinkle cream on your face to protect its skin from ageing?

The best time to begin using an anti-ageing treatment on your skin is as soon as your first wrinkles appear.

Before then, you can limit yourself to a moisturising cream that provides the necessary hydration to prevent your skin from drying and offer you enhanced comfort. The use of a vegetable oil can be of added benefit, as oil moves well within the epidermis.

Starting at the age of 30, you can switch to a wrinkle cream, supplemented by an antioxidant serum.

Around 40 or so, the time will come to begin using a night cream. This will repair your skin while you sleep, during the time when your epidermis regenerates thanks to cell proliferation.

Men should use a special range of anti-ageing products for men, which will suit the different needs of their skin.

How to use a face serum?

Serums offer a higher concentration of active ingredients than creams. However, they pay no attention to skin comfort. Instead, they reinforce or supplement the action of a cream. The results they yield are faster and more visible.

Depending on the protection that you choose, you can use your serum on an occasional basis, in the case of anti-fatigue formulas or extra-restorative products designed for use after the summer or winter sports for example, or else on a daily basis in the case of anti-ageing formulas.

You may be wondering at what point you should apply your face serum during your skin care routine. The best time to apply a serum is after your eye care treatment and before your wrinkle cream.

It should have a base of fruit acid to protect your skin from pollution, while hydration will be provided by the accompanying day cream.

It may contain the same active ingredients as your cream or supplement them with vitamin A, C or E, or with hyaluronic acid to fill in your deep wrinkles.

Preparing your skin before applying your wrinkle cream

The basic principle for effective beauty products is to prepare your skin thoroughly.

Remove all traces of make-up from your face or wash your skin with a make-up removal lotion and mild soap.

You can also use a distillate, also known as floral water, derived from essential oil condensate.

That floral water will have a light load of essential oil molecules and will gently offer your skin the benefits of those oils, with no risk to sensitive skin.

You could also choose to cleanse and moisturise your face with a mask once or twice a week.

Now that your skin is clean and dry, you can apply your beauty products.

The right gestures for improving the effectiveness of your anti-ageing treatments

Choose your products based on your skin type and then combine them. This will increase their efficacy.

Around the eyes: The treatment to apply before your beauty products

The area around your eyes is the most fragile on your whole face. When your first wrinkles appear, you are advised to use a special eye care product before applying your cream.

More fluid than a restorative anti-ageing cream, this eye care product offers better penetration of the thin skin of your eyelids and under your eyes. Its active ingredients are targeted and are particularly effective around the eyes.

An antioxidant serum: Essential to prevent skin ageing

A serum is a strong supplement in treating the most pronounced wrinkles, in addition to a day cream.

Apply an antioxidant serum in the morning to prevent the skin from ageing and the appearance of discolorations after the age of 50, making sure to avoid the area around the eyes.

In the evening, a serum made with retinol or hyaluronic acid will supplement your night cream.

Standard practice for applying your wrinkle cream to your face

Apply your wrinkle cream to the entire surface of your face, without moving your skin.

Cover your forehead thoroughly, from your hairline to the bottom of your face, without neglecting your neck and chest.

Your neck and upper torso – particularly where the breast begin – are very sensitive to the signs of ageing and are worthy of your full attention.

Anti-ageing treatments are more effective in these areas than a simple body milk, which merely moisturises the skin.

Actions that massage and firm up your skin while applying an anti-ageing treatment

Fight the signs of ageing by applying your creams according to our tips on making them even more effective.

Massage and smooth your skin: A home beauty treatment

If you simply apply your cream with your fingertips, you will miss out on some of the benefits of your products.

Here is how you can use your wrinkle cream on your face to improve the protection of your skin against the signs of ageing.

Treat the lines on your forehead with a moisturising cream

Massaging your forehead furrows will help smooth and stretch your skin. Place your thumbs on your temples and your fingers between your eyebrows. Massage your skin by brining your fingers back to your thumbs.

How to apply your wrinkle cream to your cheeks

Massage your cheeks from the middle of your face outwards, moving up all the while.

Do the same thing with the edges of your lips, holding them in a sort of exaggerated smile.

How to apply your wrinkle cream around your eyes and crow’s feet

For the area around your eyes, perform small circular massaging motions until you reach your crow’s feet.

How to apply your wrinkle cream to your neck

Smooth your neck in an upward movement, one hand after the other, and massage the chin with the backs of your hands, one after the other, going up from your neck to your chin.

Increase firmness and tone by patting and pinching your skin

To firm up and tone your skin, firmly pinch it between your thumb and index finger, on either side of your face.

Do this while moving from your cheekbones to your temples, from your mouth to your ears and from your chin to your neck.

Smooth your skin, then pat your entire face with your fingers. This will help to re-energise it.