Serum’s place in your beauty ritual

Tu veux mettre un  coup de boost à ta routine  de soins du visage  avec un sérum,  mais tu te demandes comment l'appliquer pour qu'il fasse vraiment son effet ? Il y a quelques petites choses à savoir et ça commence par  bien comprendre ce dont ta peau a réellement besoin.  Pour cela n'hésite pas à réaliser un  diagnostic de peau !

Le sérum, ce n'est pas comme  ta crème de jour habituelle . C'est  plus fluide et il est chargé en ingrédients actifs.  Donc, on l'applique sur une peau propre, sans rien d'autre dessus, et ça répond à des problèmes spécifiques comme l'hydratation, l'éclat, les taches, les rougeurs, ou même les soucis de peau plus sérieux.

Peu importe ton âge ou ton type de peau, il faut savoir comment mettre ce sérum pour qu'il fasse son effet et rende ta peau canon.

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Do you want to improve your beauty routine with a face serum but aren’t sure how to apply this impressively effective treatment?

Just like when using a wrinkle cream on your face, you need to know the right gestures to make in order to maximise the benefits of a serum.

This facial treatment stands out from day creams for its fluidity and its high concentration of active ingredients. This means that serums are to be used on cleansed skin to produce a specific effect on the skin: to boost hydration or radiance, reduce discolorations or redness, or to treat problem skin, etc.

Whatever your age or skin type, you can find out all about standard practice for applying a face serum!

When should you apply your face serum?

Face serums should preferably be used in the evening, before you apply your night treatment. But you can also use it in the morning, before your day cream, or even morning and night, for optimal effectiveness.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between continuous or more occasional use of your serum.

Continuous use of your serum

A face serum is a concentrated treatment which you can apply when you want to correct a specific skin issue.

The problems that can be corrected by this beauty product include:

  • dehydrated skin whose lack of hydration cannot be offset by a day cream
  • issues with radiance
  • issues with discolorations
  • signs of ageing (wrinkles, laxity in the oval shape of your face, etc.).

One-off use of your serum as a course of treatment

A face serum can also be used as a three to four week treatment. Seasonal changes are ideal for this kind of use.

During the cold season, the epidermis requires deep-down nourishment. However, when warmer days arrive, the skin needs to regain its radiance. A serum can be applied according to your needs in the moment.

Occasional use of your serum

Are you looking for a burst of radiance for a night out? A face serum is the ideal product for combating dull, lifeless skin! Apply it before leaving the house so your skin will once again catch the light.

The actives found in this type of serum include antioxidants, tightening sugars, hyaluronic acid, etc. This combination of ingredients instantly awakens your complexion.

How to apply your face serum ?

You should apply your face serum to cleansed skin in order to optimise the deep-down penetration of its active ingredients in your epidermis.

For maximum effectiveness, you can follow these steps during application:

  • Cleanse your skin with care.
  • Pour a few drops of serum into the palm of your hand.
  • Heat the product with a circular motion, palm to palm.
  • Tap your fingers on your problems areas to ensure the serum’s penetration.
  • Perform smoothing motions from the middle of your face to the outside.

Good to know: as a general rule, you should avoid the area around your eyes, unless you have opted for a treatment that is suited to that delicate part of your face.

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