How to fill in deep wrinkles naturally

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The wish of many of us : to get rid of wrinkles on the face and find a skin at the top of its shape and beauty!

Depending on the causes and locations of the wrinkles on your face, you can opt for targeted treatments: moisturisers and wrinkle treatments for expression lines, and anti-ageing creams for age wrinkles.

While certain active ingredients like hyaluronic acid are known for effectively fighting wrinkles, other natural ingredients are worth getting to know.

We share our top tips for naturally lessening deep wrinkles!

How to lessen expression wrinkles?

Expression wrinkles are caused by the repeated contraction of a muscle, scoring the skin. They can appear between the eyes (frown lines), on the forehead and at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).

With age, these folds in the skin become entrenched and turn into deep wrinkles. Here are our tips for lessening expression lines without cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine!

Hydration, first and foremost!

Beginning around the age of 25, expression wrinkles begin to emerge on the face. What causes their premature appearance? Your skin’s elasticity declines, and your cells are replaced less quickly.

To reduce these wrinkles, use a thorough make-up remover and a daily moisturiser. For appropriate treatment, make sure you choose a moisturising cream designed for your skin type and your age.

Anti-wrinkle beauty tip: Apply your moisturiser along the line of the wrinkle for optimal smoothing.

An exfoliating treatment to smooth your skin

It is best to eliminate your dead skin cells with a deep-down action. Exfoliating face treatments are ideal for purifying and smoothing the texture of your skin.

The natural active ingredients that you should prioritise include salt powder, which can eliminate impurities and dead cells while stimulating cell renewal.

Targeted treatments for the eyes and mouth

These treatments, which are specially formulated for the most fragile parts of your face, can satisfy your skin’s need for nutrition and hydration, in those specific locations.

Your eye care treatment might, for example, contain natural caffeine, an active ingredient known to stimulate microcirculation and limit the appearance of bags under your eyes.

How to lessen age wrinkles?

Age wrinkles are the result of multiple factors: loss of skin tone, exposure to the sun, smoking, pollution, etc. The effect of these is that the skin’s cells are not renewed as well as they should be and that the skin loses some of its volume. Hollows and folds gradually develop into deep wrinkles.

These signs of ageing require comprehensive treatment which protects the skin, fills in wrinkles and stimulates cellular regeneration.

These anti-ageing facial treatments are known for their efficacy against age wrinkles:

⦁ antioxidant treatments with pink algae, that help your skin protect itself from external aggressors
⦁ fillers with hyaluronic acid, that can be incorporated into your day cream or used in the form of a serum
⦁ smoothing masks with alginate to boost cellular regeneration.

And what about treatments made with vitamin C? These offer real advantages for your skin when the formula contains at least 5% vitamin C.

Need more tips for reducing wrinkles and fine lines? For more information, see our guidelines dedicated to the different kinds of facial wrinkles: