Our anti-ageing tips over the age of 60

Moisturising your epidermis is still the best anti-ageing treatment to regain firm, radiant skin after 60.

Take care of your face, day and night, with a serum and an anti-ageing cream for mature skin. Fight the signs of age from your forehead to your neck with wrinkle creams that regenerate your cells.

Opt for cosmetic products containing natural ingredients to preserve your beauty.

Active ingredients which are effective against skin ageing

The active ingredients in wrinkle treatments for mature skin slow the ageing process. Once you reach 60, the signs of ageing will take root on your face.

What wrinkle cream should you use over 60? Which vitamin eliminates age spots? Follow our anti-ageing tips to retain your face’s natural beauty.

Treat your mature skin to a vitamin-rich anti-wrinkle cocktail

The cells in your dermis and epidermis age more quickly as you grow older. Mature skin suffers from a deficit in hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The areas where wrinkles appear are the forehead, the areas around the eyes and lips, and the neck.

Vitamin C and retinol reinforce the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen which smooth out wrinkles and lines.

Your serum and your day and night wrinkle creams should contain both of these antioxidant ingredients. Your mature skin will regain its radiance and firmness in just a few weeks, once your hyaluronic acid and collagen secretion is restored.

Vitamin C eliminates spots caused by skin ageing

Over 60, skin spots can appear anywhere on your face. Skin care creams made with vitamin C have a depigmenting effect on discolorations.

Supplement the action of vitamin C with moisturising treatments. Hydrating your epidermis can prevent the appearance of dark spots.

Anti-ageing products that your mature skin cannot do without

With age, wrinkles and fine lines will multiply around your eyes and lips and on your neck. The texture of the skin on your face will become thinner and more fragile.

As a result, the combination of a serum with an anti-ageing cream or oil is essential.

Over the age of 60, what wrinkle cream should you use during the day? What anti-ageing treatment should you apply at night?
Why should you protect your mature skin from the effects of the sun?

Moisturise your skin during the day and regenerate your cells at night

You should have a range of day treatments and a separate range of night treatments for your mature skin.

During the day, your epidermis requires intensive moisturising. At night, your skin renews itself naturally. Support your cellular regeneration with antioxidant night treatments.

The effects of the moisturising day treatment will supplement the action of your regenerative night treatment.

Fragile areas like the one around your eyes demand the use of a special product.

Use a moisturising eye treatment during the day and a regenerative eye treatment at night.

Sun protection is a must

Photo-ageing of the skin has catastrophic effects on the texture of mature skin. After the age of 60, the sun further accentuates the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on the face and neck.

Protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun with a moisturising anti-ageing sun cream or oil. Choose a UVA and UVB product that is rich in beta-carotene, like a sun cream with retinol.

Plan to use different serums and creams for your day and night treatments. Make sure you always opt for natural anti-ageing cosmetic products.

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