Menopause and its effects on the skin

La ménopause , c'est une nouvelle étape de ta vie. Avec les changements hormonaux, ta peau peut devenir plus fragile , se dessécher et montrer des rides et taches de vieillissement. Pas de panique, on peut y faire face !

Commence par un diagnostic de peau adapté pour bien comprendre ses besoins. Ensuite, il suffit de suivre quelques astuces pour soigner ta peau à la ménopause : nettoyer, nourrir et hydrater ta peau au quotidien. 

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Many women wonder how to take care of their skin when going through menopose. Due to hormonal changes during menopose, the skin becomes much more fragile. The skin gets dryer and lets wrinkles and ageing spots appear.

In order to maintain good skin throughout these changes,  the epidermis must be nourished, deeply cleansed and hydrated on a daily basis.

Nourish your skin to stimulate its health

As they approach menopause, women’s bodies undergo major hormonal upheaval. The quantity of hormones – particularly oestrogen – declines rapidly.

Among the resulting symptoms, the **decrease in sebum and collagen** affects the epidermis. The acid mantle becomes fragile, and the skin loses its resistance.

To keep your skin healthy despite the passage of time, you will need to nourish it. **Facial treatments rich in collagen** should be your first choice in the fight against **skin ageing**.

But you can also **boost your collagen production** with skin care products containing vitamin C, zinc or retinol (vitamin A). Argan oil and shea butter are likewise great for nourishing the fragile skin of your face.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin to prevent discolorations

At the age of menopause, the reduction in oestrogen leads to a slowdown in skin cell renewal.

This effect is particularly pronounced in facial skin, which is already weakened by the assaults of everyday life. Sun, heat and stress can cause blackheads and pimples to emerge.

Skin renewal primarily takes place at night. As a result, you should cleanse and exfoliate it with an oil-based product.

This routine will let your skin breathe to enhance its renewal. Collagen production then increases and protects your epidermis from wrinkles.

Hydrate your skin to fight laxity

The effects of menopause can also be seen in the firmness of your face. With the decline in hormones, a woman’s face is transformed: dryness and loss of elasticity take hold.

To offset hormonal ageing, you will need to restore the balance in your skin’s water levels.

Healthy skin also needs a high-quality anti-ageing cream. If it is rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen or glycerine, an anti-ageing product for women will restore the lipid barrier and retain water in the cells.

For complete hydration, your night treatment should end with a mineral water spray. This will penetrate your skin quickly and prevent it from drying out. Its effects are also beneficial after exposure to the sun.

Useful tips: mineral water can also be used on the hair and as a mist when the weather is hot.

Keeping your skin beautiful after menopause isn’t rocket science. Although women’s hormonal balance changes, skin laxity and the appearance of wrinkles are not a foregone conclusion.

By following our tips for mature skin care, your skin too can be resplendent with beauty, life and firmness.

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