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Absolu Regard - ECLAE Absolu Regard - ECLAE

97 % natural origin ingredients

Absolu Regard


Pink Algae

Lips and eyes: Sensitive areas

Your lips and eyes require dedicated products, because they are particularly fragile and exposed. For example, the skin around your eyes is five times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. Your lips have no sebaceous glands, and the area around your eyes has very few, so neither of these zones enjoys the optimal protection that sebum brings to the epidermis. Since they are naturally more delicate and less able to defend themselves against internal and external aggressors, they need special treatment on a daily basis.

Skin care for brighter eyes

The area around the eyes becomes marked early on. Because it is so thin and exposed, it’s often the first on your face to show signs of ageing. An unbalanced lifestyle is also reflected here: dark circles, puffiness, swelling and fine lines can all be caused by prolonged fatigue, daily alcohol or tobacco consumption, stress and more, which is why it’s so important to start using a daily care product as soon as possible.

Getting into the habit of applying an eye contour product each and every day is the best way to rejuvenate and refresh your gaze. Enriched with moisturising, soothing and draining anti-ageing actives, these care products contain everything you need for perfectly healthy skin. Their efficacy will vary, depending on the consistency. For example, serums produce deep-down action, while creams enhance the skin’s freshness, gels decongest and patches have an instant brightening effect.

ECLAE’s eye contour treatment Absolu Regard is full of moisturising, protective natural ingredients like caffeine, Pink Algae and hyaluronic acid, which produce a triple effect, combating the signs of ageing, dark circles and puffiness. Apply it morning and night, with a gentle massing or by patting with the fingertips to stimulate circulation, beginning by the inner corner of the eye and moving outwards below the eye, and then to the upper eyelid, being careful not to touch the mucous membranes. When combined with a facial routine designed for your skin type, you will see, with each passing day, the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes start to fade, your wrinkles lessen and your eyes appear more rested and youthful.

What’s the right care routine for your lips?

Because lips are significantly affected by external aggressors like the weather, the cold, saliva and UV rays, they can become painfully damaged. Lip balm is essential for dry lips. It works like a glyceride on the membrane of the lips, reinforcing their acid mantle for an effect that is restorative, nourishing, moisturising and protective.

The most recommended daily routine is to use lip balm at least three times a day: gently wash the area around your lips after each meal and then apply your lip balm and leave it on to work. And whenever you feel any sensation of tightness or dryness in your lips, don’t hesitate to add another generous layer of balm. Your lip skin is thin, so it absorbs products very fast! For that reason, and also because you probably ingest a little balm over the course of the day, it’s best to opt for a lip balm made from natural ingredients.

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