Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Format : 100% geniune rose quartz stone

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

- 100% geniune rose quartz stone

Rose quartz facial roller

The rose quartz facial roller has been used for thousands of years. It induces lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production. This roller helps better penetrate the active ingredients in our Sérum Perles Précieuses.
How to use

1. Apply your Sérum Perles Précieuses to your face and neck

2. Use the facial roller on the entire face and neck moving outwards

3. Finish the facial care by rolling up and down your neck, starting at the top 

Complete your routine

For a natural anti-ageing routine, use your Rose Quartz Faciel Roller with your Serum Perles Précieuses to enhance the benefits of its active ingredients.